Version History

Version: 19.3
Publicated: 31.3.2020
Information about new functionality
Information about new functionality, system adjustments and error corrections
  • Mobile app on Google Play
  • Extension of responsibilities for asset records and service hours for individuals or roles in terms of notifications
  • Integration mechanisms for integration with third party products
  • User categorization of assets
  • Notifications to check for unread notifications
  • Working with tags in records on mobile client and WebTerminal
  • Modifying the licensing policy
  • Performance optimization
  • Design changes in service hours
  • Optimization of KPI metrics calculation
  • User-save filters also from dashboards
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Version: 19.2
Publicated: 7.10.2019
Information about new functionality:
  • New and easier way of work records in the desktop, WebTerminal as well as mobile client.
  • Connection of service action cause from the signal.
  • Desktop application newly contains a noticeboard module.
  • It enables signing-in through Active Directory.
  • NFC tickets support in mobile client.
Version: 19.1
Publicated: 30.4.2019
Information about new functionality:
  • Calculation of selected KPI metrics (MTTR, MTTF, MTBF).
  • Design and model optimization of asset module (expanding assets about purchase cost).
  • Web application – added authentication with anonymous creation of ticket.
  • Generating PDF reports from WebTerminal.
  • Mobile application – possibility to choose assets when creating tickets.
  • Mobile application – the dashboard has been expanded with additional quick reports.
  • Bug fixes
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Version: 4.2.5
Publicated: 13.2.2019
Information about new functionality:
  • QR support codes in reports.
  • Improved work with servicing events.
  • Added compression for attachments from camera.
  • Added support for user filtering
  • Modified dashboard for WebTerminal.
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Version: 4.2.4
Publicated: 6.12.2018
Information about new functionality:
  • New mobile client.
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Version: 4.2.3
Publicated: 23.10.2018
Information about new functionality:
  • Service account for system vendors.
  • Web application – WebTerminal is expanded to send documents to DMS.
  • Cost of asset, ticket and service activities are included in the analysis.
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Version: 4.2.2
Publicated: 14.9.2018
Information about new functionality:
  • Performance optimization of desktop application.
  • Reporting of estimated costs for assets, tickets and serving activities.
  • User defined record numbering.
  • Asset servicing costs includes other costs as well (e.g. invoices).
  • WebTerminal – web application have a new extensions.
  • Bug fixes
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Version: 4.2.0
Publicated: 14.9.2018
Information about new functionality:
  • Výkonnostní optimalizace desktopové aplikace.
  • Vykazování kalkulovaných nákladů za majetek, tiket a servisní činnost.
  • Uživatelské číslování evidencí.
  • Rozpočítávání nákladů na majetek z vykazovaných ostatních nákladů (faktury).
  • Rozšíření webové aplikace WebTerminal
  • Oprava chyb
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Version: 4.1
Publicated: 9.10.2017
Information about new functionality:
  • Možnost rozdělit servisní činnost na více činností po jedné technologii
  • Zavedení uživatelských pohledů – uložení nastavení pohledu, sdílení a přepínání – pouze tabulkové pohledy
  • Vylepšená práce se šablonami servisních činností a následného vytváření servisních činností
  • Zobrazení v kalendáři – urychlení generování tooltipů
  • Automatická aktualizace kalendáře při změnách
  • Opravy uživatelských filtrů
  • Úpravy s ohledem na vylepšení odezvy aplikace
  • Oprava chyby při generování notifikací opakovaných činností
  • Oprava chyby při generování výjimek z plánu, který je označen jako Koncept
  • Oprava chyby při zakládání konceptů systémů
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Publicated: 23.5.2016
Information about new functionality:
  • Tickets – newly added support for incident management in organization
  • WebTerminal – maintenance data and incidents are now available to all employees in organization through web interface
  • New TechnologyInfo attribute storing all the information about completed and upcoming events for technologies
  • Bug fixes
Publicated: 24.2.2016
Information about new functionality:
  • Demo data are installed with demo version of the product
  • Optimized and improved work with calendar views
  • Maintenance planning and execution can be done on the (technologies’) system level
  • Improvements in user imports
  • Performance optimization
  • New welcome screen “Start with TechIS” is introduced
  • Bug fixes
Version: 3.6.5934
Publicated: 13.5.2015
Information about new functionality:
  • Redesigned File and Edit menus
  • Reworked design forms and registration system maintenance activities
  • Added user import technology and service activities
  • Added color highlighting in records of service activity and requisitions for maintenance
  • Changed Warranty period editing
  • Updated system settings permissions
  • Bug fixes
Version: 3.4.5810
Publicated: 12.2.2015
Information about new functionality:
  • Added evidence “My Tasks”
  • Added wizard for initial system configuration
  • Highlighted records maintenance activities on the calendar and spreadsheet summary
  • Added sending e-mail notifications on contacts without active accounts
  • Simplified GUI
  • Bug fixes
Version: 3.3
Publicated: 31.10.2014
Information about new functionality:
  • Demoversion does not require running SQL server
  • Custom date formatting in notification e-mail
  • Input validation added to maintenance request form
  • Approved and dismissed maintenance request form differentiation
  • Improved security model (user rights setting)
  • Other small changes and improvements in the installer and in the application
Version: 3.2
Publicated: 9.10.2014
Information about new functionality:
  • Option added to set reminders on all calendar events
  • E-mail notification system extension   – notification of upcoming deadlines, new records, edit, etc..
  • Fixed problem with several  anti-virus software blocking application and installer
  • Other minor changes and improvements in the installer and in the application
Version: 3.1
Publicated: 11.8.2014
Information about new functionality:
  • Inspection activity records extension
  • Retroactive adjustment of inspection results allowed (change history is recorded)
  • Implementation of licensing and DEMO
  • Separate records for archiving discarded technology added
  • Bug fixes in the installer demo
Version: 3.0
Publicated: 4.7.2014
Information about new functionality:
  • Demo version free to download
  • Calendar events and planning system completely redesigned
  • Service activities template added
  • Report and analysis extension – maintenance and malfunction duration added
Version: 2.9
Publicated: 21.5.2014
Information about new functionality:
  • New website
  • User account deactivation option added (license extension not necessary to preserve former employees change log)
  • Setup wizard added on first run
  • Technology evidence extension of  “Electrical Equipment”, “Network Device”
Information about new functionality:
  • Concept support added to selected evidence
  • Default print report for each evidence added
Information about new functionality:
  • Mantenance request form added
  • Auditing – change tracking extension
Information about new functionality:
  • Failure evidence added
Information about new functionality:
  • Classification class – type – model implemented

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